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Benefits of Faux Finish Paintings

A great way to change your dull and boring white wall is by getting a faux finish painting. Adding colours to your white wall completely transforms the look of your room. Faux painting is basically all about giving the wall the look of a wood or wallpaper, but in reality, it is just paint. Two of the most popular forms of faux finish painting are marbling and gilding.

Here are a few benefits of faux painting:

  • This type of painting with its numerous strokes and colour gives the wall an elegant look. Faux painting is basically make-belief art. If you want your walls to look like a marble wall, just paint it in a certain way, without having to the need to buy marble. In most cases this type of colouring is supposed to resemble something else; and, in a job well done, it does.

  • Faux painting is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical. It sometimes looks better than an original panelling or wallpaper. It is also extremely affordable.

  • The major benefit of this type of painting is its versatility. You can get a faux painting in plastered or cemented or any other kind of wall. The paint is applied and sealed; and, finally when the seal is opened it is ready to use.

  • It lasts longer than any wallpaper. Wallpapers are prone to wear and tear with usage, which is not the case with paint. Hence, it is a cheaper and durable option. If some surface loses its charm, then it can easily be re-painted.

  • Faux techniques are good for hiding holes and imperfections in the wall.

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